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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  November 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the first time tonight. we have two breaking news stories right now. police opening fire on the jersey shore and right now two people are shot. >> a small plane crashes off search
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for victims and debris. good evening, i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. witnesses say they saw the plane go down. massive search on the air and in the water near breezy point right now. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger the first to tweet video of the search. he's there for us now. >> i'll start by saying we're now hearing report that divers have found at least one victim, one person who did not survive this crash. it's a fluid situation. we're still waiting for official word from the nypd but that's the word that we're hearing now on the beach at breezy point. let me show you how big this search and rescue effort is. it goes all the way down the beach and that where we believe there might be some debris that they're bringing to shore after having found it in the water as far off as a mile and a half offshore in the atlantic ocean. we can show you a picture tweeted by nypd
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appears to be the tail of the paper that went down at around 8:00 tonight just off the coast of breezy point. this has been an enormous search ever since then. it came in actually as a mine 11 -- as a 911 call of somebody who saw a plane go down but there was no mayday of a plane missing. in the end they did find what appears to be a tail of that airplane. since then it's become clear that this is a beechcraft, beech 50, fixed wing. the most recent movement we know of the flight plan would have taken it from new hampshire to philadelphia yesterday. there's no know flight plan we've been told about or found for that airplane tonight so investigators are trying to figure out where it was headed and who was onboard. you're looking at a live picture here on the beach.
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it actually extends in both directions from where i am standing now. you have every possible city agency along with the coast guard here as part of this search. as i said, single engine plane down about a mile and a half off breezy point. investigators have recovered, divers have recovered wreckage from that plane and right now we're told there is a possibility they've now located one victim, the body of one victim. we were here waiting, more word from authorities and when we get more word we'll bring it to you right away. live at breezy point in the rockaways, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. the other breaking news story, police shootout in the jersey shore city of asbury park. aj ross is at the scene with the breaking news. >> it's hard to see in this dense fog tonight but this is a very large maze of police tape out here along with several different officers from several different entities still on
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the perimeter extends for several blocks in asbury park and detectives have been out here for hours interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence. what we know at this point through sources was his is a police involved shooting in which a man and young girl were injured. we're still working to confirm what exactly brought police here in the first place shortly after 7:00 this evening and what triggered this gunfire. the conditions of the man and that little girl injured are still unknown at this hour but again, through sources what we know is this was a police involved shooting. a man, a young girl i understand was grazed and as we get more information you'll certainly know through abc 7online. aj ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new at 11:00, we're getting our first look at a volunteer medic who was slashed in brooklyn by a knife wielding attacker. we were given this photo of david cast tonight, a volunteer with the ambulance
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service, an orthodox jewish first aid squad. he was off duty when he was slashed by a man wearing a mask. police are searching for the attacker. exclusive video tonight in to eyewitness news. a pharmacy in queens held up by three armed and masked robbers. the workers tied up. the goal of this heist, drugs. the goal of new york cops, find these guys. jim dolan at the pharmacy in the glendale section with the latest. >> they did empty the cash register but that's not what these masked gunmen came in for. they had a written list of the most addictive, most valuable drugs you're likely to find in a pharmacy. percocet, oxycontin, 10 drugs in all and they walked away with most of them. >> reporter: as the young men came around the corner they were already wearing masks and hoods. they walked in and pointed a gun right at the face of mario. >> sit down if you don't want to get hurt. >> reporter: he thinks the gunmen were just teenagers but they knew what they were looking for.
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they came prepared. >> they came with like a printed list, like a shopping list. he told me we want this medication, where do you keep it? >> reporter: first on the list, oxycontin. you can see the young men pulling bottles and bottles of the most dangerous and addictive schedule 2 drugs from a safe behind the counter. he wasn't done. he forced him to show him where other drugs were in the school. he took anxiety drugs like xanax, clonpen, anything they could sell on the street. the three men left, one going the wrong way at first but turning and maybe somebody will recognize the clothes the three men wear. the hollister sweatpants on another police so does mr. ceha. >> we don't know what we're going to do. >> these three young men walked
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away with a lot of drugs that there's a huge demand for on the street. police hope someone recognizes the three men or hears about the men with the drugs on the street and gets in touch with the police right away. reporting live from glendale, queens, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. a bus driver for the mta accused in a deadly hit and run facing a judge for the first time. bail for paul roper now set at $25,000. he's accused of running over 70-year-old carol bell in the ocean hills section of brooklyn. surveillance video shows he made a left turn just as he was crossing the street and he plowed in to her. continued to the bus depot. his family said he had no idea he'd hit someone. >> if he knew it was a person, i know he would have stopped. you understand? but you got to think he's driving a big bus. a lot of weight. probably thought it was trash. who knows. >> rop er now facing charges
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deadly accident and failing to exercise due care. a man sentenced 30 years for his part in a triple murder has lost his right to have the state supreme court hear his appeal. he argued his sentence was excessive and he shouldn't have been tried in adult court. he was 15 when he and others attacked four college bound friends in 2007. three victims were robbed and executed. a fourth was sexually assaulted, shot and stabbed but survived. new and disturbing details about that russian passenger plane crash in egypt. officials say new intelligence suggests the crash was likely caused by a bomb, not a mechanical problem. isis claiming responsibility. now the worldwide question. in this era of intense airport security, how did this happen? >> reporter: new video tonight taken mostly after the crash shows the introduction. a gruesome scene, 224 people onboard, all of them dead. >> we have concluded that there
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that that crash was caused by an explosive device onboard the aircraft. >> reporter: tonight word from officials in egypt that investigators are looking for evidence that passengers in the back of the plane appear to have shrapnel in their bodies, an indication perhaps of an explosion. reviewing of the black boxes has begun but the cockpit voice recorder apparently damaged. down playing the possibility of terrorism, worried about the effects of tourism, but that is too late. isis again claiming it's responsible for the crash. britain canceling all flights in and out of that airport. that means 20,000 english visitors are stranded. >> terror groups operating the region have been working extremely hard to develop explosives that can be smuggled on to an airplane undetected. >> reporter: even a small amount of explosives can cause
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is that what happened to the russian airplane? >> not for nothing, the head of egypt's airport has been replaced. officially no change in security at u.s. airports, at least not yet. four people recovering tonight after they were attacked in a stabbing spree on a college campus. it happened in california today at the university of california in merced. officials say a male student stabbed two fellow students, a faculty member and a construction worker before he was shot and killed by police. no word yet on why this happened. meanwhile, an arrest tonight in the stabbing attack on spencer stone. one of the men who thwarted a terror attack on a paris-bound train in august. a man was arrested today on attempted murder charges for allegedly stabbing stone several times outside a club last month in sacramento. it happened during a drunken fight between two groups of people. defiant protesters facing off with new york police outside
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dozens of demonstrators are under arrest. >> if you fail to disperse you'll be placed under arrest and charged with disorderly conduct. >> arrested for blocking the entrance. faculty and staff members of the university demanding a fair contract offer. they've gone five years without a contract and six years without a raise. >> we are here to demand fairness, justice, educational labor and racial justice and we are going. there's a long tradition in this country of taking a stand. >> faculty and staff and others arrested, charged with disorderly conduct. contract negotiations are ongoing. it could be a foggy ride to work tomorrow. meteorologist lee goldberg in the weather center. >> after 48 hours of nearly cloudless skies, all of the sudden low clouds and fog rolling in quickly. the weather
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service just issued a dense fog advisory for much of new jersey in to tomorrow morning. even some showers on radar. we'll let you know what that means for your morning commute in accuweather. >> a first grader shot and killed by cops. new details on the unintended end of a police chase. plus a gruesome discovery underneath a popular
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. a 6-year-old boy shot and killed after getting caught in the line of fire during a botched police chase. officers in louisiana say they opened fire on a car last night when the driver tried to run in to a patrol car. the suspect's son, first grader jeremy martis, was in the passenger seat. he was shot multiple times in the head
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father also shot but survived. meanwhile, new tonight another high school football player has died after collapsing during a game. this is filed video of 17-year-old luke shem of kansas. last night he collapsed after scoring a touchdown and an extra point. he was declared brain dead and taken off of life support this evening. the reason he collapsed is still not known. since july there have been 11 reported deaths in high school football in the u.s. also new at 11:00, a man whose vicious beating of an uber driver has gone viral. tonight now apologizing. the attorney for 32-year-old benjamin golden says his client is extremely remorseful. golden caught on camera beating a driver in southern california friday after the driver ordered him out of the car because he was drunk. the driver now suing golden. golden charged with assault and battery. he was fired from his executive job at taco bell.
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digging under square park have uncovered a burial vault that likely dates back to the 1800s. the vault has a wooden door with copper hinges and contains the remains of around a dozen people. it was uncovered by crews excavating old water mains. archeologists and anthropologists are now examining the vault's contents. >> trying to identify if they were associated with a church which is most likely. we know there had been a potter's field in the area as well. we'll try to start identifying who these people were. >> she says there's evidence the vault has been disturbed at least once before because in a corn er there's a large pile of disarticulated skeletons. first snowfall of the season bringing out the friskier side of bears. freshly fallen snow. park allows families to
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drive through the park to get a peek at wildlife in their natural habitat. aren't they supposed to be sleeping or something? >> that's a great place. just took the kids there. that was after the biggest ball of yarn along the way. a lot of stops. >> i like to see the snow there but not here. >> no time soon. reduced visibility there and here as well. that's another thing we have in common because we have fog out there tonight. we look at a picture of the empire state building looking beautiful tonight. if you look closely down toward one world trade you can see the middle part of the building is a little obscure there. see how the ceiling has now come down to about 700 feet so low clouds. it's patchy but it's dense in many spots and that could slow you down tomorrow morning. we're at 59 and we have a calm wind. the thing is we've had wind coming off the water all afternoon and evening. average high, 58. still way above that tomorrow but a lot more cloud cover. there are your sunrise and
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sunset times on your thursday. dense fog could lead to delays tomorrow on the roads and in the air. still mild despite more clouds. we'll have to do this all over again friday morning with low clouds and maybe spotty drizzle but the clouds should break with a nice southwest wind and we should have record highs friday afternoon. seasonable on sunday. the weather service put out this dense fog advisory for much of new jersey. that will go to 10 a.m. you can see the visibilities down to zero in belmar. we saw aj ross in asbury park earlier. 3 miles in islip. visibility fine in the hudson valley. down to 49 in point pleasant. kind of a cool clammy feel rather than the mild feel we had earlier in the day. still low 50s in the hudson valley. fog tomorrow morning. clouds certainly dom inate. could be some thin spots. light winds. that will get us in to the upper 60s. many places come up short of the 70-degree mark. looking at the satellite, you
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don't see very much but look how the fog has spread through northeast new jersey, new york city and now the connecticut coast and westchester as well. we'll have to watch out with that fog because of all the light winds coming off the ocean and moistening things up. that's also allowing moisture northward. wouldn't be shocked to even see a little spotty mist it would be isolated but that could be around tomorrow morning. after that we'll watch this front. that's our friday front. out ahead of it, nice warm winds. that will break up the clouds friday and bump those temperatures up. the cold front will come through friday night. showing the fog and low clouds expanding, even a couple sprinkles 7 a.m. they'll probably dry up. mostly cloudy during the day and still mild. then more drizzle tomorrow night. plenty of clouds tomorrow. 69. the opportunity for record highs on friday. the record high, 74. forecasting 75. could also see upper 70s across interior new jersey. long island, connecticut coast may get stuck in the 60s. it's mild with low clouds and fog at
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7 a.m. spotty sprinkle or mist along the coast. up to 69. but a lot more clouds. not as pretty as we've had over the last couple of days. tomorrow night, 63. mild. also a little damp at times. 7-day accuweather forecast, balmy breaks on friday but not in the morning. this is all midday and afternoon. there's a short window for us to spike in temperatures. breezy and cooler on saturday. cloudiness along the coast. warming up again as we go in to next week. bill evans will cover that fog for the morning commute. coming up next, a bizarre health alert. turns out worrying is good for you. and talk about a close call. how did anyone walk away from this? first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel. >> hello, new york. tonight a special post cma hologram show.
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i was jogging 5 months after my cartilage tear skiing a year after hip surgery. and playing grandma 4 weeks after a hip replacement one special hospital, over 1,000 special stories. see them all at in tonight's health alert, attention worriers. turns out worrying can be a good thing because it helps you prepare for whatever comes your way. researchers followed law students waiting for results from the california bar exam. those who were anxious responded
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result and were more joyful if the outcome was good. people who stayed calm, more shattered by bad news or underwellmed by good news. a large wooden post smashes through a car's windshield. it happened this morning on a highway in springfield, massachusetts. the post coming within inches of the 67-year-old driver's head. police think it likely fell off another vehicle. the tractor-trailer ran over the post sending it airborne and in to the driver's windshield. >> can i look now? >> you can look. rob powers up next with sports. >> nothing to worry about here. the knicks have been tested already this season. they had a biggy on the road tonight. straight ahead, a trip to cleveland. cavaliers waiting for the knicks. lebron james waiting for the knicks. and the knicks gave them fits for a while. the mets making more for the girl scout meeting... for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?!
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so when you teased a few minutes ago, the knicks handle lebron for a while, implying not for the whole game? >> good game, for a while. the schedule has been loaded with playoff teams. so far the knicks have gone 2-2. tonight they face their toughest test game. road game at cleveland. porzingis was able to shake off that sore neck. carmelo anthony finds them here. porzingis returns the favor. knicks had busted out to a 9-point lead. anthony scored 17. porzingis had 13. the cavs were wearing shirts with sleeves. lebron james couldn't stand them. had a big 4th quarter. 11 of his 23 points came in the 4th. 23 points, five rebounds, four steals, three assists, two ripped sleeves. knicks lose 96-86 after losing a 15-point lead.
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the nets still without a victory. they met in the playoffs last year. thaddeus young scored 14. nets up 2 at the break. brook lopez, 16 points in the 3rd quarter alone. finished with 27. 11-16 shooting from the floor. after all that he only took one shot in the 4th quarter. atlanta took advantage. that was mike scott. here's al horford. nets lose 1 01-87. 0-5 to start the season. terry collins and the mets made his two-year contract extension official today at citifield. sandy alderson fainted while talking with reporters after the formal news conference was over. mets said he skipped breakfast and had been sitting under the hot lights. checked out by medical staff, he's okay. knowing there's work to do. >> 29 teams go home unhappy and in some ways i think the 29th team goes home the unhappiest of all. >> a year ago sandy and i sat
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up here and we said it was time to win. and we meant that. if jason pierre-paul has his way he'll make his season debut this weekend but not his decision. he injured his hand in that fireworks accident. pierre-paul has been working hard to get back. he tries to convince the giant medical staff that he's ready to roll. >> i'm okay. skill set hasn't lost it so i'm out there doing what i can. hopefully i'll be out there sunday. >> nothing unusual about it when a guy in his position is in the condition he's in and prepares himself to play. that's what he's done. as for the jets, it will be ryan fitzpatrick at quarterback against jacksonville. tore a thumb ligament last week but he was a full go at practice today wearing a glove on that nonthrowing hand. >> i wanted to go out there and help the team. if i can do that without putting me or the team in a compromising position i will. it's painful enough to get me out of changing diapers.
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preseason basketball, st. john's against st. thomas aquinas. came down from rocklin county. mucini scored 16 but the red storm was stormed by the d2 spartans. justin reyes, 25 points for st. thomas aquinas. st. john's shot 36%. turned the ball over 27 times and st.
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